Welcome to the Contributor Attribution Model

The Contributor Attribution Model (CAM) Specification is a standard developed within the Center for Data to Health (CD2H) Architecting Attribution project. It provides a simple and tightly scoped data model for representing information about contributions made to research-related artifacts - for example when, why, and how a researcher contributed to a publication, or a curator contributed to a gene annotation record. This core model is intended to be used as a modular component of larger data models that underpin data collection and curation systems. Additional components of the CAM specification support implementation of the model, data collection using the model, and ontology-based query and analysis of CAM-based contribution metadata.

The final CAM Specification will be comprised of the following six components. More information about each can be found using the links below, or navigating the Site Contents menu to the left.

  1. A format-agnostic Information Model of the domain.
  2. A formal JSON-LD schema serialization of the Information Model. coming soon
  3. A TSV format and curation template, based on the Information Model. coming soon
  4. Ontologies and LD-Context Mappings to support creation of RDF linked data. coming soon
  5. A code library and services to support data creation and format interchange. coming soon
  6. An Implementation Guide to support creation of CAM-compliant data in different formats and contexts. coming soon


At present only the foundational Information Model has been defined, along with the supporting Contribution Role Ontology (CRO). We expect an initial draft of additional components of the framework to be ready for release in the early 2020.